Luca Toldo was born in Udine in the region of Friaul, the son of an army officer. Luca’s mother was very fond of art. Luca inherited his father passion for classic music and eagerly learned to play the piano. At the age of six, he started learning piano from Suor Sara in Collegio Dimesse in Udine. However, due to family constraints he was not allowed to graduate in Music. Instead he got a Master in Agronomy, and PhD in Biophysics at the prestigious ETHZ Zürich, Switzerland. During his University life Luca spent 3 summers in the world renown Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. Between master and PhD he had the privilege of doing research in the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland (USA).  His first position after PhD was in EMBL Heidelberg. However it was in the pharmaceutical division of Merck KGaA where Luca spent 20 years contributing to the discovery and development of new treatments against several diseases. He crowned his professional career in the leading Software company SAP.

Inspite of the professional success, in his hearth Luca  was suffering of deep depressions whose reason was hard to find. Music was the only activity that truly liberated Luca's emotions and therefore he tried to find a way to fulfill that belonging however it was not until he fulfilled the education of Conductor for wind orchestra that the true reason for the depressions was found and resolved.

Lucas approach to conductor is that of "servant leader", with special interests  in the liturgical musics of the abrahamic traditions.