I have  always been fascinated by the different emotions that music instruments are able to induce in us.

For this reason, my approach toward instrument learning has been more alike that of a painter with the colurs then that of a chemist. For me the fascination of playing the instrument reached the target as soon as I was able to play it without thinking, with confidence that I was able to pour my heart through the instrument in spontaneous way. 

My music instrument progression started with Piano, then Pipe Organ, Harmonium, Tenor Saxophon, E-Bass, Sitar, Soprano Saxophon, and more recently French Horn.

My highest aspiration, however, was that to be able of creating acoustical paintings blending my own musical perception with that of the musicians in the orchestra. As child I wanted to become conductor, but this passion became possible only in mature age.

The first arrangement and conducting experience was in 2014 for a church retreat, with the song "Nasse Füße" from Johannes Falk. He even kindly sent me his leadsheet ! Inspite my total lack of knowledge and of techniques, it worked out well and I was totally fascinated by that activity. When I look back at the video .. i can only laugh of myself ignorance but yet passionate effort.

The first exposure to the conductor craftshift has been  the "Dirigier Workshops Basics" of  13-14 April 2019 , through the experienced and very patient Dominik M Koch, with the sponsorship of the  Blasmusikverband Rhein Neckar e.V. . We trained on Monterosi (Jacob de Haan), Hermes (Hayato Hirose) and then on Night Disco (Luc Gistel), The Glacier Express ( Larry Neeck) and Images of Bellac ( Jacob de Haan).

I then followed up attending twice the Dirigentenlehrgang C3 at the Music Academy of the Bund Deutscher Blasmusikverbände: both in 2020 and in 2021 I participated at all courses and then in january 2022 I passed the final exames with a final grade "good".

My teachers were: 

- Arno Pfunder ( Rhytmik )

- Marc Lange  ( Course Director, Conducting techniques, Partituranalysis ) 

- Markus Mauderer ( Conducting techniques )

- Michael Stecher ( Music Pedagogy)

- Ralf Böhm ( Music Theory , Ear Training )

- Thierry Abramovici ( Conducting techniques )


In 2020 I had the privilege of participating at the 10th Conducting Masterclass with Douglas Bostock.

In 2022 I participated at the Sommercourse "Dirigieren+" for C3 Conductors, led by Marc Lange with Markus Mauderer, focussing on the works of Franco Cesarini. We also had a very interesting skype session with Franco Cesarini where we discussed various aspects of his works.

In 2023 I participated at  the "Masterclass Dirigieren" with 

- Prof. Ekart Wycik from Musikhochschule Franz Liszt in Weimar

- Prof. Maurice Hamers from the Musikhochschule Augsburg,

-  Rudolf Piehlmayer, internationally known Conductor.

-  Arjan Tien, Conductor of the Sudwestfalen Philarmonie.


In 2021 I arranged and conducted the Quintett for the Rosh Hashana Concert

Since beginning of 2022 I am conducting the Bläserwerkstatt Bergstrasse, an ensemble of 13 adults wind players.