Welcome to the official website of Luca Toldo, music director, arrangeur, and performer whose purpose is to bring joy to the world through music. Building bridges between people of different cultures and faiths, using Music, is my credo and dream. Here you can find everything you want to know about me. You will also be able to download my songs and videos, view photos, and personally ask questions.


Around 2005 after some damaged due to excessive sport training, I could no longer practice piano as much as required, and then picked up the Tenor Sax due to its warm sound and more natural hand position.


Body percussion 

Rhythm is the foundation of life. I designed and developed the free Arno Pfunder body percussion app, to help our bodies to learn feeling rhythm.


The foundations of my music education were laid in Italy, from 1971 to 1981, where I took regularly private lessons in classic piano. Particularly Johann Sebastian Bach attracted my attention.


The primordial sounds of Jericho, the sorrows of Babylon,  the mother of all wind instrument is the Schofar. I enjoy playing it, specially at the Rosh Hashana Concert.

Body percussion app

Conductor of Wind Orchestra

never give up your dreams

The deepest belonging I always had, was to be able to conduct an orchestra. This became possible thanks to the great Teachers of the BDB in Staufen. Following 2 years of C3 Courses (2020 and 2021) I passed the final exames in 2022.